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Site Description

Hello, and welcome! is a place where you can give a web presence to pretty much anything you want.

We suspect you have heard of networking sites like MySpace and Facebook where you can give yourself a web presence and interact with the web community. CyberSpeck is designed to give a web presence for things other than people. Each item on CyberSpeck has it's own webpage (i.e. a "Speck" of Cyberspace) with a description and (optionally) a few pictures. Each item on CyberSpeck is also searchable via our green item finder box that you will see on most of our pages.

Suppose you have an eye-catching car that people constantly ask you about. Or suppose you want to SELL a car. Or suppose you have a 200 year old oak tree in your front yard whose history you would like to share. Put a CyberSpeck tag in the car windshield, or hang a CyberSpeck tag on the tree, and a description of the item is readily available online to anyone who wants to read about it. The item can be also found on our site via its CyberSpeck ID number, its unique CyberSpeck name that you choose, or via a keyword search. It's as simple as that.

It takes just a few minutes to open an account on our site and register an item. The cost? Absolutely nothing! So go ahead, give our site a try.

For more information, we suggest you read our FAQ page.

Once again, welcome to CyberSpeck!

the CyberSpeck support team

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